Začiatok tejto black, death metalovej košickej kapely sa datuje v roku 1992 a už vtedy písali a tvorili v anglickom jazyku. Zostava sa, ako v iných kapelách, časom menila. Posledná oficiálna zostava od roku 2009 : Martin, Adam a Neptun. Kapela oficiálne skončila v roku 2012 s tým, že sa žiadne „reunion“ konať nebude, nakoľko podľa nich je 20 rokov dosť.


  1. Sinister Blessing (intro)
  2. With Fire Touch the Evil Inside Their Heads
  3. Terminal Obliteration
  4. Monastery on the Sorrow Hill
  5. Submited to Hypocrisy21
  6. Forsaken They Rot
  7. Enslaving Dream / Suicidal Addiction
  8. Outro
  1. Mercy Dies Right Now (Intro)
  2. War Chant Of The Hated Spawn
  3. Maggot Tribe
  4. Tedd Deireádh – Conjunction For Armageddon
  5. Left There Something To Live For?
  6. Seen Through The Thorns Of Despair
  7. Empyrium Of Mist
  8. Something Almost Buried
  9. Another Starblaze, Another Tragedy? The Swans Are Flying
  10. Towards The Flames
  11. Unholy Voices Of Reason – Godexpeller
  12. Outcry Of Senseless Sacrificed – Let Me Die At Last
  13. Eternal Shadow Has Arrived (Outro)
  1. Mitgefangen, Mitgefangen (Neckbreaking Consequences)
  2. Stunning Sweetness Of Revenge
  3. Infected Bastard Planet
  4. De/ad/generation Of The Millenium Hysteria
  5. Steel Wind Symphony
  1. On Silent Waves Of Terror
  2. Stunning Sweetness Of Revenge
  3. Infected Bastard Planet
  4. De/Ad/Generation Of The Millenium Hysteria
  5. Steel Wind Symphony
  6. Mitgefangen, Mitgehangen (Neckbreaking Consequences)
  7. Last Dawn Of The Cursed
  8. Something Almost Buried (2001 Re – Recording)
  9. Tedd Deireádh (2001 Version)
  10. The Awakener
  1. Intro / Unleashing The Hordes Of Vengeance
  2. In The Sign Of Punishment, Victory And Doom
  3. Beyond The Landscape Of Dreaming Mind
  4. Enemyslayer – Bloodfreezing Warcry Of N’De
  5. A Voyage Through The Wrong Places And Times (Ire Lokke, Ire Tedd)
  6. Mutants From Decaying Scumgarden
  7. On The Thunderwings Of Spirit Forever Free
  8. Scourged Into Abyssic Firewhirls
  9. 1598 – Christmas With The Deathriders
  10. Across The Plains Of Ruin
  11. Loss, Fury And Eternity
  12. Entering The Catacombs Of Insanity (Outro)
  1. Tempus Odii (Intro)
  2. Prophecy of Imperial Collapse
  3. Berserksgangr at the Dawn of Extinction
  4. Blaspheme the Deities of Weak
  5. Short Essay on Modern Extreme
  6. Stift Rampage
  7. Last Night Alive
  8. Broken Mass of Screaming Flesh
  9. Today Me, Tomorrow You
  10. Sawney’s Cave
  11. Insomnia (Blood cover) (bonus track)
  1. Erinye’s Call (Intro)
  2. Ageless Feasts Of Morbid Pleasures
  3. For Emperors, Gods And Fatherlands
  4. Monuments Of Postmortal Degradation
  5. Melchior The Shooter
  6. RévoLouison
  7. To Those Of No Forever
  8. Born On Samhain
  9. Deathriders Of Temür Tenger Etseg
  10. The Last One Belongs To Hell
  11. Blasphemy, Infidelity, Victory
  12. Dreadful Fruit Of The Leafless Tree
  13. Monstronomicon
  14. Armourggeddon / Outro
  15. 1598 – Christmas With The Deathriders (2011 Re-recording) (Bonus Track)
  16. Intro/ Ageless Feasts Of Morbid Pleasures (Bonus Track)
  17. Hooray For Dystopia (Bonus Track)
  18. Execute The Sheeplords (Bonus Track)
  19. Born On Samhain (Bonus Track)
  20. Depressed (Bonus Track)
  21. Epitaph De Sangre (Bonus Track)