Death/grind/metalová martinská kapela založená v roku 1989. Na začiatku produkovali najmä brutálny thrash metal až sa napokon ustálili na death – metale. Členmi kapely sú Walki, Vito, Goldo a Marcel. V roku 2010 sa kapela rozpadá, avšak na konci toho roka opäť ožíva.


  1. Do You Like To Die?
  2. Decay Of Humanity
  3. Unrealizeable Paradise
  4. Sorrow
  5. Dirty Life
  6. Hurt Bodies
  7. Do You Like To Die?
  8. Decay Of Humanity
  9. Unrealizeable Paradise
  10. Sorrow
  11. Dirty Life
  12. Hurt Bodies
  1. Abandoned Love
  2. Do You Like To Die?
  3. Monotonous Whisper
  4. Abyss Of Emptyness
  5. Psychological Project
  6. In Forgotten Paradise
  7. Dreams Melody
  1. Nothing But Grim Nothingness
  2. Shadowland
  3. World Is Just A Comics Full Of Fear And Pain
  4. Twilight Of Gods
  5. The Tree Of Ages Does Not Breathe Anymore
  6. And Will Join All Of Them Forever
  7. Life Without Illusions
  8. The Black Face Of Mankind
  1. Dead Illusions
  2. I Lay My Feet On The Grass
  3. Information Collapse
  4. Inapplicable Material
  5. Amusing Advisor For Unexperienced Explorers
  6. Death Knows No Sundays
  7. I Have 7 Flowers
  8. S.O.S.
  9. Component Which Doesn’t Fit To Any Machine
  10. Sit Down, Please
  11. Following The Path Of Wise
  12. I Ask Myself Why I Am Here
  13. Endless
  14. Do You Like To Die?
  15. Lapač Smrti – Music By Napalm Death
  16. Ohi Ohi Ach Ka Ka